Importance of Licensed Plumbing Company for All Home Plumber Repairs

Common home plumbing issues that need plumber repair

Plumbing issues prop up from time to time. This is normal in any household given the wear and tear and continued use of plumbing fixtures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Not all homeowners though are too keen on hiring a professional plumber right away. Apart from concerns about the expenses, some homeowners would like to try their hand on troubleshooting their own plumbing issues.

There however are plumbing issues that should only be addressed by the pros. Simple first time clogs can of course be solved by the owner at the first try by using a plunger or pouring hot water after drying the sink, but when these situations persist then it is best to seek professional help. This despite the numerous Do-it-yourself and instructional videos posted all over the internet or in home improvement websites.

At the end of the day, the homeowner should remember that professionals are trained and equipped to safely and effectively carry out plumbing repairs and maintenance work. They could do the work correctly the first time, and surely the solution they will put in place will be for the long term. This strongly contrasts with the possible outcome of a self-troubleshooting job that can end badly, and cause more damage and expense. And while DIY jobs may work, a homeowner will never be sure if the patchwork he may have carried will last for the long haul.

Common home plumbing issues

Here are some of the most common home plumbing issues that should automatically merit a service call from a licensed residential plumber:

1. Persistent Clog Drains in wither the bath tub, shower, or kitchen sink.

Clog drains can be a huge inconvenience. Even a mere slow drain can be a hassle. While these can be resolved by using a plunger to take out the clog, or even a plumber’s snake if that is available at home, not all clogged drains can be resolved by the homeowner himself. Pouring hot water and a baking soda solution may also work, and regular maintenance may prevent it but when a build-up becomes too stubborn for these home solutions, then it will always be best to call a residential plumber.

With this, expert plumbing technicians caution homeowners against using commercial drain cleaners as these chemical drain solutions do more harm than good. First, it does not work for the long term. Second it is corrosive and can cause damage to the pipes because of the strong chemicals used in the solution. Third it is dangerous to the health and the fumes can linger at home long after the drain cleaner has been poured on the drain. Fourth is that it is not eco-friendly at all. The harmful chemicals can cause an imbalance in the eco system that could be very harmful to the environment.

When persistent clogs happened, give a trusted licensed plumber a call.

2. Clogged or backed up toilet.

After trying to unclog the toilet using a plunger or a plumber’s snake or augur, it will be best to call in a professional to finally resolve the issue. What a homeowner has to avoid is a possible toilet overflow which is not just gross, it is unsanitary and very inconvenient to say the least.

As soon as a backed up toilet happens, it is best to call in for professional plumbing help to address the issue immediately. Moving forward, if there are children in the house it is best to install a safety cover on the toilet lid so that they could not throw toys or other small things in the toilet and flush it and eventually cause blockage. Moreover, never throw sanitary items like napkins, baby wipes, diapers and other cotton products in the toilet. Never treat it as a trash can because it will surely cause a clog in the long run. 

3. Water pressure that is too low.

A low water pressure can be a pain in the neck, especially when cleaning or washing dishes and when taking a shower. The trouble with this issue that merits an immediate appointment with a licensed plumber is that it is indicative of a bigger plumbing issue. Licensed Plumber vs Unlicensed Company

Low water pressure could mean that there may be leaking pipes within the home plumbing system. The bypass in the supply causes low water pressure in water outlets like faucets and showers, and this could be both inconvenient and expensive. Leaks obviously waste water and cause bills to spike.

A water pressure that is too low can also mean sediment build-up in water outlets. And while this can be easy if the build-up is on the outside and accessible through the usual vinegar cleanse, if the buildup is within the piping system then that can be problematic.  Try to clean up the faucets, showers, and bidets first with a vinegar wash and then try if the water pressure changes. If not it is wise to give the plumber a call.
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

4. Sewer Back Up.

This is one of the worst plumbing problems any household can have. Sewer backups can even cause indoor flooding that is nasty, dirty, inconvenient, and could be very disastrous to the home structure, fixture, furniture, and personal property.  If the drains and toilets within the home have not been working properly or appears to be clogged up then most likely this is the concern. Call for an emergency plumbing service to resolve the situation.